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APCO News 2016

DEC. 2016: LIFT EU II - APCO's full reflex wing

LIFT EU II - APCO's full reflex wing

The LIFT EU II is the second generation of this wing and a big step up from the original Lift EU - improved in both look and feel!

The LIFT EU II is really the best package any pilot can ask for with a combination of speed and roll stability making this wing a truly rare beast unique in its nature.
More about LIFT EU II

Nov. 2016: Play 42 New Colors

Play 42 New Colors

Play 42 / UL proved itself a masterpiece of engineering and construction. The Play 42 is a safe, reliable, perfect launching tandem wing - The tool of choice for professional tandem pilots around the globe.

Now, we are refreshing the Play 42 with 5 new vibrant color designs, making a perfect product even more attractive.
More about Play 42

Oct. 2016: Force II DGAC certified !

Force II DGAC certified !
Photo by Paul Haxby

The Force II which is now on the market for over 6 months has been certified by DGAC.
Force II L size finalized with M and S sizes to follow shortly.
More about Force II

Aug. 2016: PPG 2016 Estonian Championship

PPG 2016 Estonian Championship PPG 2016 Estonian Championship PPG 2016 Estonian Championship

Congratulations to Ott Maaten - APCO Team Pilot for his winning place in the PPG 2016 Estonian Championship. Ott chose the NRG PRO for his achievement and had high praise for the wing as being the best possible choice !
For more information and results

July 2016: SWIFT Racing Harness

Swift Harness

We are proud to introduce the next generation of pod racing harness from APCO Aviation.
The SWIFT is a full feature racing harness featuring the latest innovations and more.
The SWIFT is an extremely comfortable harness which enables any pilot to progress to the next level.
Immediate improvement in glider control is felt upon the first take off, increased feedback from the wing and improved glide ratio as a result of the superb aerodynamic characteristics of the harness. For more



We are glad to inform you that buckles installed on all APCO harnesses are not from Finsterwalder and / or Sup'Air, therefore our harnesses are not subject to safety notice issued by DHV.

This applies to all harnesses in the APCO range - free flying and paramotoring.

Pilots using APCO harnesses can continue to use them with peace of mind. For more

May 2016: Split Legs Harness - XL size

Split Legs Harness
Split Legs harness now available in 2 sizes to cover all size pilots out there. For more


Self-inflatable and superlight a substantial additional protection in the case of an accident.
For more

March 2016: Trike Harness Pilot & Passenger set

Pilot-Passenger harness set

An engineering masterpiece is the one that simply works. Comfortable and safe, this harness set does the job in the most efficient, straight-forward way there is. Elegant in its simplicity the Pilot, Passenger harness-set is the right solution for any trike.
UNIVERSAL in there design the Pilot, passenger harness set will fit most trikes in use today.
Each harness is designed to be used as part of an integrated set for Pilot and Passenger. Synergized to work perfectly together.
Of course each harness can be used on its own, but they work best when combined.
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February 2016: The Force II will be the hottest wing for 2016!

FORCE II- Seductive Strength !!!

With the all new FORCE II we have pushed the limits of bold and iconic design, while building on the pioneering values of the previous generation of Force. It is a well rounded package which offers the best of both worlds, highly agile, fun wing together with never before seen cross country efficiency at high speeds. For more

February 2016: APCO Design Challenge Wrap Up

APCO Design Challenge Wrap Up

We were amazed by the amount of feedback and response, receiving more than 300 stunning designs.
We are happy to announce the winner - the very talented Mr. Kobi Gorevic! He surprised us not only with a well presented design video, but also with the most beautiful designs we have ever seen. For more

February 2016: Cruiser PPC Video

Game 42

The Cruiser 500/550 has now been flying for some time and has been stamped as the best beginner/intermediate PPC wing out there! For more

January 2016: New Size for Cruiser: 550

Game 42

We took our time with the release of this new size, Cruiser 550, as we had to make sure it is as good or better then the Cruiser 500.
The end result is a well polished package that is very similar to the 500 but has even better efficiency and fuel consumption due to the higher aspect ratio.
We are confidant this is a step forward that will liven up the flight for any PPC pilot currently using a classic rectangular canopy. For more

January 2016: New Glider: Game 42

Game 42

The Game 42 is the kind of wing that will be talked about for years to come, truly remarkable.
An all new design incorporating smart internal structure and our Automatic Pressurising Profile, producing wing characteristics that will surprise even the most experienced pilots. For more


Team Pilots Wanted!

To become APCO Team Pilot, contact your APCO dealer with the specified wing you would like to fly and a short description of why you should be a team pilot. For more

January 2016: Christmas Challenge! until Jan. 18th

Christmas Challenge!

APCO is looking for some new attractive color designs for future wings. The chosen designs will be used in serial production models. For more

Jan. 2016: Signed wings

Laser Cutting & Signed wings

"Setting Future Standards" is not just a slogan.

We at APCO are happy to announce that we have further upgraded our production facility with state of the art Laser cutting technology. We have added a new Laser Cutting Custom Machine 10[m] long and 2[m] wide.
This new laser cutter will allow us greater flexibility and faster delivery times in the very near future. The advantages of this laser are not limited to time saving, but also accuracy in cutting, which translates to a cleaner, better performing wing.

The options that have now opened to us with this new laser cutting machine have encouraged us to start a new program in APCO:

"Personally Signed Wings"! - with every new wing, we will offer the option of a personal signature which we will laser cut and apply to your new wing. For more

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved