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APCO News 2006

5/10/2006: Karma reviewed on Parapente
Joël Favre gives the Karma two thumbs up on Parapante Mag No. 108 - Oct. 2006. Read the article in French.

30/09/2006: New Acro transition on Apco Twister
Pál Takáts takes his Apco Twister through a new Acro transition over the Sea of Galilee.

23/9/2006: Pál and Gábor join Acro team
Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi joined APCO's factory pilots team as core Acro and reference pilots for 2007. Pál and Gábor's team, SoftLanding, is now #5 in the Synchro World Aerobatic Ranking (Pál #7, Gábor #14 - Solo Ranking). On the last world tour competition of this season, Pál Takáts finished 2nd place, ahead of long-standing renown Acro pioneers. Pál Takáts runs a dedicated acro site - justacro.com.

08/2006: APCO joins Acro Scene
APCO's new Acro wing, Twister, showcased in the Redbull Vertigo in Villeneuve, Switzerland and received enthusiastically by top Acro pilots. Pál Takáts [HUN] and Alex Rodriquez [SPA] expressed their interest in flying the Twister in the coming season.

Alejandro Rodriguez (Spanish ACRO pilot - member of SAT Team and one of the World's best): "I am really interested in flying your glider next year, the glider is fantastic, I've flown the Twister and it seems to be the best glider at the moment, even better than G-Force and Ingravity.

Pál Takáts (Top ACRO pilot - current Acro World Cup ranking No.7 solo, No.5 synchro) : "I liked the new glider very much, nice job! I made some nice Infinity Tumblings with it. Anyway at the moment only 5-6 pilots can do it in the world. What impressed me the most is that the tips are very stable (even better than the G-Force) and stays open even at the most critical moments when the glider enters from Rythmic SAT to perfect Infinity. It's also working very well in Helicopter so I think all the other maneuvers work well. Me and Gábor (my synchro partner) would be happy to fly this wing."

07/2006: Dutch/Belgian Open
Adam Wechsler, APCO's factory pilot, won #1st place in DHV 2 category and ranked #9th overall just few points behind top competition wings flying his serial class APCO Lambada M in the Dutch, Belgian open in Montalegre, Portugal.

12/06/2006: Karma Fully Certified
KARMA L also successfully completed all flight tests for DHV 1 certification, joining XS, S and M sizes which are already certified DHV 1 and in full production.

Now all the KARMA range is certified, we are making an effort to keep up with deliveries in a timely manner, so all your orders can be filled in time.

KARMA is truly a universal wing and equally adapted for free flight, paramotoring and towing.

04/06/2006: Karma XS Certified DHV-1
Karma XS has successfully completed all its flight tests for DHV 1 certification! Even the DHV staff were very happy with KARMA XS, noting it is a very good small glider for girls and light guys.

Karma XS joins S and M sizes which are already certified DHV 1

25/05/2006: Edge DHV Certified
Test results conducted by DHV confirm that our standard 15cm. Airfoam protector is fully in line with DHV requirements when used in combination with Edge type harness.

It has also been confirmed by DHV that Edge type harness fully conforms to DHV harness certification requirements

23/05/2006: Karma Paramotor Version
We now also completed the testing of paramotor version of KARMA

We are glad to let you know that this newest addition to our paramotor range will be the perfect answer to every entry level paramotor pilot, as well as for pilots looking for an easy, uncomplicated wing with good performance and stable, safe flying characteristics.

17/05/2006: Karma Color Update
The production of the first batch of Karmas has been completed and they are now on the way to their owners. An effort was made to make KARMA modern, attractive and to truly stand out from the crowd - with a big, bold design.

Photo's of the attractive color design are now availalble in the gallery.

01/02/2006: WIN $25,000
Set a new World Record using a certified APCO glider and you can win an incredible US $25,000. Prize money will also be awarded for a well written story of a failed attempt!

01/04/2006: Karma: New DHV-1 Glider Certified!
Karma, the new DHV-1 paraglider designed by APCO has just passed the DHV-1 certification for both the Medium and Small. The Large and extra-small are in the process of being certified.

01/05/2006: Lambada Review
May 2006 issue of Vol Libre magazine published glider evaluation of Lambada - we were pleased to read that they are of the same opinion as us regarding Lambada.

They concluded:
  • This is the best performing DHV 2 glider on the market, or at least the best performing glider that they have ever tested
  • Lambada is the clear winner in comparison with all other DHV 2 gliders tested by them. Among them Paratech P80, ProDesign Thema, Sol Synergy 2 or Nova Tatoo
  • With measured L/D 8.97 at 38km/h and sink rate 1.1m/s at 35km/hr - Lambada is well ahead of the competition and easily beats even many DHV 2-3 Class gliders from leading brands
  • It has remarkable safety, exciting handling and outstanding thermalling capacity
  • Launch and landing is a piece of cake as well
To conclude top of the pile of XC machines out there.

10/05/2006: New APCO Backpack
New!! Now even Better! Our Carry Bag is now made from a lighter fabric, and lighter formed padding. The backpack is now more comfortable and folds and stores in your harness with ease.

01/02/2006: Stock Clearance
Find yourself an as-good-as-new paraglider or harness at a fraction of the price

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved