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APCO News 2014

December 2014: LIFT 400 - expanding the LIFT PPC range

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Apco Team

Following market expectations we are now announcing a smaller version of this revolutionary reflex wing - LIFT 400
The LIFT 400 expands the range to accommodate for pilots with lighter trikes or pilots of heavy powerful trikes looking for even more speed and performance.

The unique design and reflex concept cast a solid base for the safety and pilot friendly behaviour of the wing. The majority of PPC pilots will fly the LIFT with no hesitation, feeling at home after just a few instructor assisted take-offs.

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December 2014: HAPPY HOLIDAYS

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Apco Team
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November 2014: Paramotor harness range

NRG <i>PRO</i> - now in all sizes

- Choose your custom version

From now on Universal harness delivered as standard prepared to accept customized padded and/or airmeshed backplate.
Additional Velcro strip sewn into the back of the harness designed to accept various backplates.
Different optional standard design backplates available. They couple with the harness by simple strip of Velcro. The backplate can be easily peeled off or stuck on again. If dirty, can wash separately. If you are tired of it, can be replaced, or switched to match your wing. The backplate is not only attractive, but also cushions your back for extra comfort. You will definitely notice the difference in comfort.
Extremely light - only 170 - 190 gr.

- Now Floating seatboard offered for all APCO paramotor harnesses.

- New design for safety backup webbing.

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November 2014: VISTA III review

NRG <i>PRO</i> - now in all sizes

Marcus King flies the Vista III, the Latest EN B from Apco Aviation (Cross Country No 156) :

"As I cross over a small ridgeline the wing surges forward then jumps up and we are off. Wow this is a screamer; I bury the brake and hold on tightly to the core. The scenery spins and falls away. With stable air all around the edges are hard and I have to be careful not to miss the turn but my wing is sitting above my head without too much pitching. The clouds and airspace are arriving quickly..."

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October 2014: FREE AIR COM III

NRG <i>PRO</i> - now in all sizes

Free Air Com III is a unique helmet, manufactured using advanced carbon Kevlar technology, with hand laid composite shell. Aiming to optimise the design of helmet for airborne sports, specially targeting paramotor pilots.

Free Air Com III can be coupled with different visors supplied by APCO and prepared for a number of visor assembly options.
It is also prepared to accept most communication systems. Assembling the headset is a simple straightforward procedure.

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September 2014: NRG PRO

NRG <i>PRO</i> - now in all sizes

We are proud to announce that NRG Pro "16.5" and "18.5" are now ready too and joining the "17.5" size.

All sizes now available covering weight range from 70 kg to 140 kg.

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September 2014: Vista III

Vista III - L & XS sizes

We are proud to announce that VISTA III "L" and "XS" are now ready too and joining the "S" and "M" sizes.
VISTA III has proved to be a fun, safe and among the best performing Wings in it's class. All sizes available now covering weight range from 55 kg to 130 kg.

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July 2014: Airbag for Hike harness

Airbag for Hike harness

The HIKE harness is our latest ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. Designed for flying and hiking.
The airbag is a separate unit to be ordered separately and can be attached to every HIKE harness.
It is a simple, light and inexpensive masterpiece - will be appreciated by every pilot/hiker.

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July 2014: NRG Pro

NRG Pro - Next Generation Racing wing

NRG Pro is the ultimate answer to the fast growing, challenging segment of purpose built wings designed for professional slalom racing.

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June 2014: Concertina Bag

For all of you wanting your glider neatly folded and well kept.

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May 2014: THRUST IV

THRUST IV - the good stuff got even better

Special attention was given to improve the rigidity of the wing, polish the handling, and optimize its feedback - all this combined with increased pilot comfort and safety.

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March 2014: VISTA III

VISTA III is a true 3 liner (top to bottom)

Our comparison flights prove that the VISTA III is a true 3 liner at the top of its class, offering the optimal package for intermediate pilots - it is among the best performing wings in its Class. Simple and easy to fly, combined with extremely high passive safety, solid stability and probably the best handling around.

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March 2014: HIKE Mountain Harness

Walk & Fly with APCO

The HIKE harness is our new ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. Designed for maximum comfort while either flying or hiking.
Great for long mountain treks and challenging XC flights. Also ideal for speed flying and ridge soaring.
Only 1.3 kg. making it one of the lightest harnesses in this category.

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February 2014: FUN 42 MK III

Paramotor harnesses range update

For the upcoming season, we are launching a further evolution of this tandem wing - FUN 42 MK III.
All improvements are a result of direct pilot feedback, making a wing that pilots really need.

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February 2014: Paramotor harnesses range update

Paramotor harnesses range update

Today, we are making an effort to streamline our harness range and we aim to take care of unification of features and different functions of the harness range. This newsletter introduces the new features on our paramotor harnesses and the logic behind the unification of the range.

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January 2014: Universal Bridle

Next bridle generation from APCO
Cloud Chaser

The former 25mm. bridle webbing is gradually being replaced by new 20mm. soft touch webbing, similar to that used in climbing industry - the latest in safety webbing technology. It is light and strong, compact in volume, with excellent shock absorption qualities.

The new bridle now implemented on most of our harness and Mayday ranges.

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November 2013: Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulley

This is a pulley with stainless steel ball bearings, allowing the lowest possible friction - big improvement when used for Speed system on the glider and/or harness.
Cloud Chaser

Stainless Steel Ball bearing design - for minimal rotational friction (316 s/s)
Weight: 10 gr!
Specially designed body with 2 connecting options
Easy to maintain and clean
16 mm sheave for lines up to 5 mm
Rust free stainless steel body and balls
M.B.L 300 Kg, W.L.L 120 Kg
Among the smallest available

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November 2013: Spark II

SPARK II - the next generation of APCO sport harness. Fitting perfectly into our range.
Cloud Chaser

We are proud to present the all new SPARK II - a natural evolution of and successor to our popular and very successful Spark harness. It now allows us to offer the latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range (positioned above recently revamped Edge II).

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November 2013: Karma EVO S

Cloud Chaser

In September APCO announced the launch of new EN-A wing - KARMA EVO.
The Medium size of Karma EVO was released ahead of the other sizes.

Now we are ready with SMALL SIZE too.
Both sizes have successfully completed full EN-A certification flight tests.

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The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved