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APCO Achievements for 2001

Place Country Pilot Competition Date Wing
1st, 2nd & 6th Place Sweden Harald Hulten, Lars-Anders Jonsson & Ake Kindblad Swedish Distance League 2001 Xtra, Bagheera & Simba
151km Open Distance Record Sweden Peter Wicander Scandinavian Record 2001 Futura
3st Place Spain Cesar Acon Soto Spanish Leugue 2001 Simba
1st Place, Sportklasse(DHV 2 Max) Germany Torsten Hahne XC Championship 2001 Simba
1st Place Germany Torsten Hahne Wallberg XC Contest 2001 Simba
1st Serial Class Slovenia Grah Marjan Nationals 2001 Simba
1st Female Germany Anja Trudel German Open Sept 2001 Bagheera
2nd Female Slovenia Caroline Brille PWC Tolmin August 2001 Simba
1st, 2nd & 4th Places Canada Chris Muller, Bernard Winkelman & Brett Hazlett Nationals 2001 Simbas
3rd Female France Caroline Brille PWC La Clusaz July 2001 Simba
1st Place Spain Rolf Dale Norwegian Championship - Piedrahita July 2001 Simba
3rd and 5th Place, Open Class Spain Rolf Dale and Itai Almog Nordic Open - Piedrahita July 2001 Simbas
4th Place Overall Spain Mike Aston British Open July 2001 Bagheera
2nd Serial Class and 3rd Overall USA Matthew Carter US Nationals 2001 - Chelan Butte, Washington July 2001 Simba
Finnish Tandem Record Finland Heikki Pimia 44.2km to Goal 1st June 2001 Spectra 42
Finnish Tandem Record Finland Heikki Pimia 63.4km Open Distance 1st June 2001 Spectra 42
1st Overall Zimbabwe Andy Roberts PFT ZAMBEZI 2001 Paragliding Challenge June 2001 Simba
1st Female Switzerland Caroline Brille PWC-Simmental 2001 June 2001 Simba
1st Overall Italy Michele Pagone Coppa Delle Regioni 2001 May 2001 Simba
2nd Spain Falcon Soldevila, Agusti Nacional Liga, Ager May 2001 Bagheera
3rd Place Italy Michele Pagone Coppa Delle Regioni 2001 - Prova n. 2 May 2001 Simba
1st Overall Italy Patrucco Pierandrea Campionati Italiani - 2001 May 2001 Simba
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th Places in Serial Class Italy Patrucco Pierandrea et al. Campionati Italiani - 2001 May 2001 Simba's and Bagheera's
4th Place Overall Erzincan, Turkey Jimmy Leowardy Pre PWC May 2001 Bagheera
Absolute Record Governador Valadares Stefan Zuna and Mario Habek (Slovenia) 160.9km Feb 2001 Simbas
3rd and 4th Overall and 2nd Female Australia Rolf Dale, Stein Tore-Erdal (Norway), Britta Steude (Nzl) Australian Paragliding Open Feb 2001 Simba and Bagheeras
1st Place Overall New Zealand Bryan Moore Nationals Jan 2001 Bagheera
1st Place Overall Telapa, Mexico Chris Muller (Canada) Pre-PWC Jan 2001 Simba

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