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Hybrid Power Wing 500 & 550

This Devolpment comes after extensive work by the Apco R&D team. The Hybrid gives you all the best characteristics from the traditional Apco Power Wing 400 & 500 and much more.

It delivers lift greater than the 550 and the exact handling of the 400, while giving a higher performance in glide ratio than any other rectangular wing on the market.


  500 550
Product Codes 70910 70920
Cells 28 28
Area [m2] 42.7 47.1
Area (projected) [m2] 36.88 40.66
Span [m] 11.76 12.35
Span (projected) [m] 10.04 10.54
Aspect Ratio 3.24 3.24
Aspect Ratio (projected) 2.73 2.73
Min. Gross Weight* [kg] 280 300
Opt. Gross Weight* [kg] 350 385
Max. Gross Weight* [kg] 400 440
Total Lift Capacity [lbs] 1100 1200
Load Test: Max Load# [lbs] 5500 5500
Canopy Weight [kg] 10 11
Root Chord [m] 3.95 4.15
Riser specification Click here for hook-up points spread distance
Warning: any different setup is outside this frame of certification for the wing

*Gross Weight: includes weight of the Pilot, Fuel, Canopy, Frame and Accessories
# Maximum Load without structural damage


The Apco Powerwing is the only PPC wing available on the market today wich is approved by world aviation standards.

Apco's Powerwing was tested by ACPULS (AFNOR) in France, and passed both the shock and static strenght load tests!

View the:


V-min [km/h]   27
V-Cruise [km/h]   50
Min Sink (Opt loading) [m/s]   1.8


Custom Colors are available for all the APCO Power Wings. Standard colors (below) are available on shorter delivery times. To find out more about ordering a custom designed parachute, please refer to our Custom Color form.

Adevertizing and Sponsors Logo's can be added to customize your wing as desired.

Option Number Color Design
Haybrid PPC Colors


Sail Cloth 46 g/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib Reinforcement 180 g/m2 Mylar (trilam)
Warranty 3 years / 250 Hours

  Material Diameter [mm] Strength [kg]
Top and Safety Super Aramid 1.8 230
Lower Super Aramid 3.0 290
Brake Cascades Super Aramid 1.7 155
Steering Line Polyster 5.0 450


70845: Bag for Power Wing
Robust carry bag, to easily store your Power Wing, standard with every new Power Wing

70840: Line Sleeves (12 feet)

43122F: Maillon no.6 - Zink plated Steel - Certified
breaking load of 2000[Kg]

43123F: Maillon no.8 - Zink plated Steel - Certified
breaking load of 3500[Kg]

43126F: #6 Delta Maillon Stainless Steel – Zink plated Steel - Certified
breaking load of 1250[Kg]
Quick link #6 safety instruction:
Tightening torque of nut:
1.20 [NM] - Secure the nut with a drop of "Loctite" glue

70842: Webbing Risers R/L - Standard riser Left and Right
(other design customized risers possible when ordered in bulk)

50011: Custom Colour
Would you like to personalize the look of your paraglider? All APCO gliders can be tailored to meet your color needs.

50012: Custom Logo
Customise your glider by adding a personal or company logo.

62100: Wind Sock
Size: D-25cm x L-120cm
Available in Various Colors,
Material: Nylon

62121: Wind Sock
Size: D-70cm x L-230cm
Available in Various Colors,
Material: Nylon

70831: Brand Name
Personalize your brand name or logo on the stabilo.

70488: Paramotor / Power Wing Helmet Bag
Handy bag to store your helmet and headset

70799L: Side Bag - Left

70799R: Side Bag - Right

70712: Yak Pack

70757P: Single Harness Seat Belt
Set of webbing

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved