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First Harness III

First Harness
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First - A simple and uncluttered harness for teaching or soaring flights. ABS control, and enough adjustment to fit all but the largest and very smallest of pilots. Strong, lightweight and durable. The classic starter harness. Also used for Bivouac and high mountain flights.


  • APCO quick lock buckles are standard
  • Light, simple harness - only 1.6 Kg (without seatplate), 2.145 Kg (with seatplate)
  • One size fits all - with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size)
  • Strong and durable fabric for extreme use and long life
  • 2 stage seat plate for added comfort
  • Ideal for schools and ground handling
  • Large rear storage compartment
  • Compatible with externally mounted Mayday rescue system (any)


It is possible to fit a side or front mounted reserve parachute, which can be connected to the reserve attachment points on the shoulders of the harness.


First harness, available in Black with contrasting color for the back - typically Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, (delivered according to stock)

First Harness
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  • 48133 First Harness, One size fits all - with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size)


34019G: Gate Lock Carabiner
Attaches your harness to the risers of your glider. Read about the Certification »
        (Not included with Harnesses, must be ordered separately)

A4901-3T: Twist Lock Carabiner
At a mere 60gr. This state of the art carabiner is carefully designed and beautifully finished to offer a safe, user friendly operation for paramotor and free flying pilots.

A4901L-2T: Twist Lock Carabiner
This larger / stronger carabiner is specially designed and finished to offer safe, user friendly alternative for paramotor and tandem pilots.

S4903-2T: Forged Stainless Steel Twist Lock Carabiner
2T (Double safety) Carabiner 2,200kg MBL* Connects up to 40mm. webbing.

80053: Flight Panel (Deck) - Top part
3 parts inovative cockpit from APCO

80054: Bottom Emergency parachute Front container - flight deck compatible
zipped on emergency parachute container

80052: Bottom Ballast Bag - flight deck compatible, zipped on!
Designed to hold APCO's 9L Liquipak inner ballast bag.
(ordered separately :: code:21000)

44008s: Radio Pocket Small
Convinient and safe casing for your radio
Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 30 mm

80015: Mayday Front Container
Can be fitted to any certified harness on the market today.
Download the Manual »

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved