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LIFT EU II is APCO's full reflex wing dedicated to use with Trikes.

The LIFT EU II is the second generation of this wing and a big step up from the original Lift EU - improved in both look and feel!

The ABS2® system on the LIFT EU II is the second generation of this system which is now, even more user friendly.

ABS2® been further improved following our experience with Force II, does not require any special piloting and dramatically improves stability.

ABS2® is a system which automatically and gradually pulls down the tip steering as you release the back trimmers or pull the front trimmers. This action stabilizes the wing , cancelling roll movement, "planting" the trike under the center of the canopy.

This outstanding roll stability gives the pilot the best and most efficient flying path at high speeds! It is on cross country flights, or when chasing down a friend that the ABS2® system comes into play.

The ABS2® system will get you from point A to B in the fastest way possible with no pilot input. On trim speed, the system is not activated, allowing dynamic flight with improved handling and minimal brake pressure.

The LIFT EU II is really the best package any pilot can ask for with a combination of speed and roll stability making this wing a truly rare beast unique in its nature.

We are proud of the result, and sure it will continue to dominate the trike wings market.

The LIFT canopy is offered in 4 different versions to cover both European trikes as well as American PPC machines:

LIFT EU II 400 for European light to medium trikes (with narrow hook-in points and hand held brakes).  
LIFT EU II 450 for European medium to heavy trikes (with narrow hook-in points and hand held brakes). 
LIFT II 400 for American PPC (Powered parachute) light to medium frame (wide hook in points, leg steering configuration).  
LIFT II 450 for American PPC medium to heavy trikes (wide hook-in points, leg steering configuration).  

The American version of this wing specially designed for PPC machines is compatible with trikes based on wide spread between the hook-in points. 
For more information on  LIFT II 400/450 PPCclick here.


  • ABS2® Automatic Balance System more »
  • SRS® - APCO's exclusive  Stall Recovery System for built-in passive safety  more »
  • SRS® aided - extremely low speed on take-off and landing more »
  • HIT valve® equipped on leading edge, APCO unique feature for improved stability equipped for added safety in turbulent air - more »
  • Flexon® battens system for ultimate durability - pioneered by APCO  more »
  • Replaceable trim webbing and camet buckle long-lasting trouble-free service more »
  • Front trimmers - has the same functionality as speed-bar, adapted to tandem trike flying.
  • Rear trimmers for good speed range.
  • Built-in A-assist connection for easier inflation.
  • Tip steering for high speed operation
  • Reinforced, heavy duty built, for extended life span of wing.
  • Advance diagonal rib structure.
  • All metal parts Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Split A risers for safe and wide speed range.
  • APCO legendary double coated siliconised cloth - built to last.
  • Butt Holes.
  • Heavy-duty Superaramide® lines.
  • Swivels on brake handles.
  • NBM - Integral, built-in, Neodymium brake magnets with male/female connection
  • Auto-stable reflex profile for unshakable stability.
  • Extremely easy inflation, launch and landing.

Flight Characteristics


  • Launch - as easy as it gets
  • Take-off, straight-forward, no surprises
  • Landing - slower landing approach with a flawless, easy flare
  • Speed range - best in its class
  • Handling - easy and precise
  • Safety - solid as a rock at all speeds
  • Ground Handling - continuing the legacy of Lift
  • Flying - simply relaxing
  • Super light and responsive tip steering


Product Codes 11565 11465
Cells 40 42
Area [m2] 39 (420 sq. ft.) 42 (450 sq. ft.)
Area (projected) [m2] 34.5 37.2
Span (incl. Stabiliser) [m] 13.8 14.6
Span (projected) [m] 11.52 12.2
Aspect Ratio 4.86 5.08
Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.83 4.00

Pilot Weight
(All up + Trike paramotor) [kg]

160-300 230-400
Minimum Recommended
Engine thrust [kgf]
115 130
Canopy Weight [kg] 8.4 9.3
Root Chord [m] 3.4 3.4
Tip Chord [m] 0.6 0.6
Length of Lines on B [m] 7.94 8.73
Total length of line used [m] 330 365
Riser specification Click here for hook-up points spread distance
Warning: any different setup is outside this frame of certification for the wing


EN 926-1 / DGAC

Please Note: The LIFT EU is designed for European style trikes,
with narrow spread hook in points 50-65 cm. And hand held brakes.


V-min [km/h]   27km/h
V-trim (-) / V-trim (0)   41/46 km/h
V- rear trim off   55-60 km/h
V-max - front trim on, rear off   67+ km/h
Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading)   1.3 m/s


LIFT EU II is dressed in 3 distinctive color designs, following the latest trend in APCO. The bottom surface produced from non-siliconised cloth to allow for advertising and logo application.

Option Number Color Design


Sail Cloth 42 g/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib Reinforcement FLEXON® batten system
Warranty 3 years / 250 Hours (Subject to the stated conditions)

  Material Diameter [mm] Strength [kg]
Top ; st top Super Aramid 1.5 150
Mid Super Aramid 1.8 230
Bottom A;B Super Aramid 2.5 450
Bottom C;St Super Aramid 1.9 320
Brake Cascades;StBr Dyneema 1.1 95
Steering Line Dyneema 2.3 230


50012: Custom Logo
Customise your glider by adding a personal or company logo.

50011: Custom Colour
Would you like to personalize the look of your paraglider? All APCO gliders can be tailored to meet your color needs.

42477-42459: Glider Backpack or Light Clinch Bag
The wing is supplied in Paragliding bag as standard.
The Paragliding Bag can be replaced with Light Clinch bag for all wings on demand.

To get more information view our paragliding accessories page »

50024: Riser Sock
Riser sock supplied as standard with each wing.

79999: Replacement Trim Webbing
Replacement webbing for riser trimmer

The Lift EU2 comes in an ergonomic rucksack incl. an inner stuff bag, compression strap, riser sock, spares kit, owner's manual and an industry first 3 yr/250 hr warranty - all as standard.

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved