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Pilot Support

In order to support pilots flying APCO gliders and provide incentives for APCO pilots to improve their performance, APCO awards Prize Money for pilots flying APCO gliders in competitions and for record breaking flights.

In addition to these prizes, we offer to cover the cost of entrance fees (we do not cover transportation costs to and from competition, food and lodging) for the competitions listed below for APCO Team Pilots.

Pilot Support is offered for all World Cup Competitions and for all the national/international competitions where registration is made on a personal basis and not as a team supported/sponsored by other sport associations or government subsidy. Competition details must be submitted to Apco for approval before the event.

Paragliders: to the members of the national teams and/or league pilots, a 20% credit against the cost of paraglider will be granted with a signed pilot agreement.

Top Pilots: Special conditions are negotiable on a personal basis

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved