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ChairBag Integral 3, convertible Harness Backpack

ChairBag Integral IV - convertible Harness/Backpack

chairbag harness / backpack
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The ChairBag Integral IV is a better more advanced and comfortable version of the ChairBag III. Sophisticated, super-light dual-purpose harness - a harness when flying and a backpack when traveling, all under 2.55 [kg]. Designed for pilots on the go who want the comfort and safety of a full feature harness for half the weight. Just flip the harness inside out, throw in your glider and you are ready to go. Professional carrying system with gel padded shoulder straps and waist belt insure comfortable, effortless hikes to take-off.

Based on the Chairbag III, but implementing all the accumulated experience gained during years of Chairbag production, we believe the Chairbag IV offers many advantages over the previous version.

Unlike other convertible harnesses on the market, the ChairBag comes with a full-size seat plate for maximum comfort and weight shift control.  Pilot protection insured by the integrated Cygnus air bag system and the under the seat emergency parachute container.

Fitted with lightweight quick lock buckles throughout and Aluminum loop-and-slide adjusters for easy in-flight use, the ChairBag provides lavish comfort where you least expect it.

ChairBag Integral IV - a harness when flying and a backpack when traveling


ChairBag Integral IV new design features:

  • Anatomically designed new monocoque back support plate, greatly improving comfort while flying and walking
  • Side support webbing arrangement modified for enhanced back support
  • Lighter 25mm. webbing structure
  • Improved harness shape to better suit a wider range of pilot heights
  • Integrated Shoulder loops to accept a new lightweight bridle (Connects with no metal links between emergency parachute and Chairbag)
  • Designed to accept our new 3 Ton forged carabiner (offered as optional with this harness)


chairbag harness / backpack
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  • Only 2.55 Kg (without seatplate)- Among the lightest full-feature convertible harness on the market
  • The market's most efficient airbag protection (DHV certified )
  • No need to carry a separate backpack (sac) - Everything fits inside...
  • Improved integrated under the seat emergency parachute container
  • Slim profile and teardrop bag shape for reduced drag
  • Much improved, stylish back carrying system with gel-padded shoulder straps and ergonomic back support for long hikes
  • All buckles are Lightweight quick lock buckles
  • Reflective strip for better visibility at night
  • Compression straps to tie down the contents of the bag for comfortable hiking
  • Lightweight plastic hardware
  • Two pockets on the support waist strap
  • Left side pockets for easy in-flight access
  • Straps for holding hiking poles
  • The ChairBag is Speedbar-ready
  • For ease of use and weight saving, use APCO’s Wonder Bar
  • Higher density cloth - stronger and more durable , but just as light - ending excessive wear and tear
  • Double air chamber system for controlled air release on impact
  • Two vents for better seal on impact
  • Airbag protection for neck area too
  • Lightweight “X” frame for stable inflation with replaceable battens
  • Built in Velcro bridle guides
  • Loop and slide adjusters for one-handed in-flight adjustment
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum – Aviation grade hardware
  • Additional removable sac in back pocket for storage
  • Perfect choice for flying holidays, hiking or vol-bivouac flying


Integrated cygnus airbag, protecting body and neck area, featuring double air chamber system for controlled air release on impact with two vents for better seal on impact and lightweight "X" frame for stable inflation with replaceable battens.


Chairbag IV based on DHV certified Chairbag (Chairbag and airbag protector DHV certification)


Option Number Color Design
1. Black body with Blue trim colors - back packColors
2. Black body with Red trim
3. Black body with Green trim
4. Black body with Orange trim


  • 46030 - ChairBag Integral IV
  • 42024 - Emergency Parachute Connection Bridle
  • AP-100/2T - 3 Ton Carabiner 2 Twist more »
  • AP-100/3T - 3 Ton Carabiner 3 Twist more »
  • A4909-3T - 3 Ton Mini Carabiner more »
  • 43135 - WonderBar ( Handsfree two stage speed bar )
  • 44015 - Footrest


42024: Universal harness Bridle
Built from 20mm. soft touch Polyester webbing - 2,200 [kg] MBL
Allows connection to the Mayday with no metal links.
(sold per piece)

81101SLT: Mayday 16 Superlight - 1,220gr. In deployment bag
Or any other MayDay

AP100-2T: 3 Ton Twist Lock Carabiner - double safety lock - 73gr.
High tech H-profile, Hot forged, from aircraft quality 7071 T6 (Zicral) Aluminium

AP100-3T: 3 Ton Twist Lock Carabiner - triple safety lock - 73gr.
High tech H-profile, Hot forged, from aircraft quality 7071 T6 (Zicral) Aluminium

A4909-3T: Mini Carabiner for 25 mm webbing - triple safety lock - 55 gr.
The Mini Carabiner is a 25mm version of our well proven twist lock carabiner. The lightest in the range of carabiners!

43135: Wonder Bar
Speed bar with handsfree operation!

44015: Foot Rest
Really useful for improving your aerodynamic shape, improving weight shifting and taking the load off your feet

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved