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Simba Simba II is the 2002 update of the Simba. The Simba II is equiped with a new speed system and a new line layout for the tip A-Lines. The new Speed System gives better glide and stability at top speed along with a increase in top speed. The new tip line layout gives improved "Big Ear's".

Simba is the successor of the now famous Bagheera. Unbelievable as it may seem, we have vastily improved on the performance of the Bagheera while retaining all the other great characteristics of the Bagheera

To achive this great advance - we revised the diagonal rib structure, incorporating the expierence gained from building the Tigra 2000. This not only created a cleaner wing but enabled us to safely reduce the amount of lines on the glider.

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  • Simba (Not Production Colours)
    Simba (Not Production Colours)
    Simba Comp:

    Following in the steps of the Bagheera, Simba will continue to rule the Kingdom of the Serial class and sometimes the open class too, as the Bahgeera did in the 2000 season of the PWC and in many other competitions.

    In order to meet the requirements of the Serial class competition rules, we re-certified the Simba in competition rigging configuration. We believe the Simba Comp to be an excellent tool and an easy formula to win a competition. It combines Top-level performance that will beat most of the "comp protos" together with the re-assuring safety of the Performance class certification. This makes flying the demanding competition tasks easy, as the Simba lets you concentrate on flying tactics without having to be worried about safety.

    The only difference between the Simba and the Simba Comp is the type of line used. The Simba Comp has unsheathed Aramid. The line lengths are all identical.

    The Simba has been certified Afnor Performance in all sizes with unsheathed competition lines, and Trimmers are available as an option.

    Simba Planform

    The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved.

    Simba Technical Data
    Size X-Small Small Medium Large
    Cells (32x3)+(2x2)+6 (33x3)+(2x2)+6 (35x3)+(2x2)+6 (37x3)+(2x2)+6
    Area m2 24.90 25.80 27.60 29.40
    Area (projected) m2 21.90 22.80 24.40 26.00
    Span (incl. Stabiliser) m 11.90 12.20 12.90 13.50
    Span (projected) m 9.80 10.10 10.60 11.20
    Aspect Ratio 5.70 5.80 6.00 6.30
    Aspect Ratio (projected) 4.40 4.50 4.70 4.90
    Pilot Weight, Kg (all up) 60 - 75 73 - 90 85 - 105 100 - 120
    Weight of Canopy Kg 6.8 7.0 7.4 7.6
    Root Cord m 2.67 2.67 2.67 2.67
    Tip Cord m 0.52 0.52 0.52 0.52
    Length of Lines on B m 7.50 7.50 7.90 8.30
    Total length of line used m 326 326 350 360
    Simba Performance Data
    V-min. 21 km/h
    V-trim 38 km/h
    V-max. 56+ km/h
    Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) <0.9m/s
    Simba Colour Options
      Colour Bottom Surface Top Surface
      White Simba Bottom Surface - White Simba Top Surface - White
      Red Simba Bottom Surface - Red Simba Top Surface - Red
      Royal Blue Simba Bottom Surface - Royal Blue Simba Top Surface - Royal Blue
      Yellow Simba Bottom Surface - Yellow Simba Top Surface - Yellow
      Violet Simba Bottom Surface - Violet Simba Top Surface - Violet
    Simba Certification
    Size/Type AFNOR / CEN DHV
    XSmall Performance No
    Small Performance Class 2 (Trim & Accelerated)
    Medium Performance Class 2 (Trim & Accelerated)
    Large Performance Class 2 (Trim & Accelerated)
    Simba Construction/Materials
    Lines Material Diameter Strength
    Top Dyneema 0.8mm 90kg
    Mid Super Aramid 1.1mm 80kg
    Lower Super Aramid 1.7mm 150kg
    Central Lower Super Aramid 2.2mm 220kg
    Brake Cascades Dyneema 1.1mm 90kg
    Steering Line Polyester 2.2mm 90kg
    Sail Cloth 46gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
    Rib Reinforcement 180gr/m2 Mylar (Trilam)
    Warranty 3 Years / 250 hours