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Keara - Not Standard Colours! Keara!

  • Incredible Glide at Top Speed
  • Amazing Top Speed (fastest in It's Class)
  • Exceptional min. Sink-Rate
  • Great Handling
  • "HIT" Valve System (Pat. Pend.)
  • Leading Edge Battens
  • Easy Inflation
  • Perfect Launch

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  • Keara - Not Standard Colours
    Keara, Simba's Daughter...

    Keara is a breakthrough design in paragliding.

    It features "HIT" Valves, a new concept (introduced by Apco), improving stability and performance at high speed/low angle of attack.

    The leading edge also features Flexon Nylon Battens which hold the profile shape at speed.

    These two features combined with a new hook-up point distribution on the canopy and speed system gives the Keara performance way above any other glider in its class. In fact, Keara beats all of the gliders in class 2/3 too and many of the open class/competition gliders.

    Keara Leading Edge Detail - Valve Closed (Trim Speed)
    Keara Leading Edge Detail - Valve Open (Max Speed)
    "HIT Valves" (High-Speed Intake Valves - pat. pending)) increase the internal pressure of the wing both during accelerated flight and in extreme situations, dramatically improving safety and performance.

    "How it Works": The Standard leading edge intakes on a paraglider are placed on the stagnation point of the profile at trim speed. This ensures maximum internal pressure of the canopy for this angle of attack.

    Once you accelerate, the wing is flying at a lower angle of attack, and therefore the stagnation point moves higher on the nose of the profile. The "HIT Valve", placed above the leading edge openings, opens automatically when the stagnation point moves over the valves, pressurizing the wing. Only a few valves are necessary over the span of the leading edge to pressurize the entire wing at higher speeds.

    The Valves are kept closed at trim speed by the internal pressure of the wing.

    Flexon Leading Edge Battens (pat. pending) support the top and bottom surface leading-edge fabric between the ribs keeping the profile clean and the intakes open. This feature dramatically improves the performance of the wing, especially at high speeds.

    The Battens also improve inflation of the wing both during launch and re-inflation in flight.

    The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved.

    Keara Technical Data
    Size X-Small Small Medium Large
    Cells (32x3)+(2x2)+6 (33x3)+(2x2)+6 (35x3)+(2x2)+6 (37x3)+(2x2)+6
    Area m2 24.50 25.40 27.50 29.20
    Area (projected) m2 21.80 22.70 24.20 25.80
    Span (incl. Stabilizer) m 11.90 12.20 12.90 13.50
    Span (projected) m 9.80 10.10 10.60 11.20
    Aspect Ratio 5.80 5.95 6.10 6.40
    Aspect Ratio (projected) 4.40 4.50 4.70 4.90
    Pilot Weight, Kg (all up) 64 - 80 79 - 99 95 - 115 105 - 130
    Weight of Canopy Kg 7.0 7.2 7.4 7.6
    Root Cord m 2.67 2.67 2.67 2.67
    Tip Cord m 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
    Length of Lines on B m 7.50 7.50 7.90 8.30
    Total line used m 320 320 345 355
    Keara Performance Data
    V-min. 21 km/h
    V-trim 36 - 38 km/h
    V-max. 59+ km/h
    Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) <0.9m/s
    Keara Colour Options
      Colour Bottom Surface Top Surface
      Turqouise Keara Bottom Surface - Turqouise Keara Top Surface - Turqouise
      White Keara Bottom Surface - White Keara Top Surface - White
      Red Keara Bottom Surface - Red Keara Top Surface - Red
      Royal Blue Keara Bottom Surface - Royal Blue Keara Top Surface - Royal Blue
      Yellow Keara Bottom Surface - Yellow Keara Top Surface - Yellow
      Violet Keara Bottom Surface - Violet Keara Top Surface - Violet
    Keara Certification
    Size/Type AFNOR / CEN DHV
    XSmall Performance No
    Small Performance* Class 2
    (Trim & Accelerated)
    Medium Performance* Class 2
    (Trim & Accelerated)
    Large In Process (Performance) Class 2
    (Trim & Accelerated)
    *Competition Version Only
    Keara Construction/Materials
    Lines Material Diameter Strength
    Type Std. Comp Std. Comp Std. Comp
    (Low Drag
    Dyneema Dyneema 0.8mm 0.8mm 90kg 90kg
    C & D
    Super Aramid Super Aramid
    1.1mm 0.6mm 80kg 65kg
    A, B, C & D
    Super Aramid Super Aramid
    1.1mm 0.6mm 80kg 65kg
    Lower Super Aramid Super Aramid
    1.7mm 0.9mm 150kg 120kg
    Central Lower
    A & B
    Super Aramid Super Aramid
    2.2mm 1.6mm 220kg 200kg
    Upper Brake Cascades Dyneema Super Aramid
    1.1mm 0.6mm 90kg 65kg
    Steering Line Polyester Dyneema 2.2mm 0.9mm 90kg 180kg
    Sail Cloth 46gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
    (Double Siliconized)
    Rib Reinforcement 80gr/m2 Mylar (Trilam)
    Warranty 3 Years / 250 hours