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Flying Fun for Two

Futura for Two Simply in a class of its own, it is the best tandem glider in the skies by unanimous vote of the top industry critics. Representing a new revolutionary step in tandem flying, it is the first time you will find a tandem machine which can handle and perform like a solo glider. Real fun and performance combined with remarkable safety and launch characteristics make the Futura for Two the ultimate tandem machine for both the profetional pilot, record seeker or recreational pilot. Available in two sizes: 42 and 38. The 38 is also certified in performance class as a "solo glider", especially for big men, who have beem discriminated against for lack of a suitable product.

Futura for Two - twice as much Fun.

Futura for Two
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    Futura for Two Technical Data
    Size 38 42
    Cells (45x2)+6 (45x2)+6
    Area m2 38.00 42.00
    Area (projected) m2 33.32 36.80
    Span (incl. Stabiliser) m 14.36 15.09
    Span (projected) m 11.84 12.45
    Aspect Ratio 5.42 5.42
    Aspect Ratio (projected) 4.20 4.20
    Pilot Weight, Kg (all up) 120 - 160 140 - 210
    Weight of Canopy Kg 9.20 10.0
    Root Cord m 3.210 3.370/font>
    Tip Cord m 0.65 0.65
    Length of Lines on B m 8.25 8.67
    Total length of line used m 435 460
    Futura Performance Data
    V-min. 22 - 25 km/h
    V-trim 36 - 38 km/h
    V-max. 45 - 50 km/h
    Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) <1.0m/s
    Futura for Two Colour Options
      Colour Bottom Surface Top Surface
      White Futura 42 Bottom Surface - White Futura 42 Top Surface - White
      Blue Futura 42 Bottom Surface - White Futura 42 Top Surface - Blue
      Yellow Futura 42 Bottom Surface - White Futura 42 Top Surface - Yellow
      Violet Futura 42 Bottom Surface - White Futura 42 Top Surface - Violet
    Futura for Two Certification
    Size/Type AFNOR / CEN DHV
    38 Tandem & Performance
    42 Tandem -
    Futura for Two Construction/Materials
    Lines Material Diameter Strength
    Top Dyneema 0.8mm 90kgx2
    Mid Super Aramid 1.7mm 150kg
    Lower Super Aramid 2.2mm 220kg
    Brake Cascades Dyneema 1.1mm 90kg
    Steering Line Polyester 2.2mm 90kg
    Sail Cloth 46gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
    Rib Reinforcement 180gr/m2 Mylar (Trilam)
    Warranty 3 Years / 250 hours