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Rhythm in Flight

Allegra A totally different glider with its concept based on Bagheera and Tigra. Allegra boasts exceptional performance and exciting handling but retains its easy character with the forgiveness of a biginner glider on the ground and in the air. No parallel wing exists today, which delivers such incredible performance combined with Standard Class safety.

Relax, enjoy and surrender to the rhythm of the flight - the rhythm of Allegra.
Allegra is a performance glider that carries on the success that the Futura achieved. The Allegra has a modern concept and design. It is based on a new Hi-Tech profile found on the Tigra and Bagheera. The Allegra is a remarkable improvement on the Futura in all aspects: it has sporty, quick and immediate handling, superior performance (over the Futura) and has easy, friendly behavior. The 4 sizes of the glider are fully certified in Standard class by ACPUL/AFNOR/CEN and DHV Class 1-2 Trim and Accelarated in Small Medium and Large.

It is a major achievement for us to launch a glider that exceeds the Futura in performance and handling and in addition is certified in Standard class. This proves and reconfirms the safety of this new glider. It was also our prime goal to launch a glider for the "Recreational" pilot that could deliver Top-class performance combined with Standard class Safety. We are finally there and believe that there is no parallel product that exists on the market today.

The glider is also cut in a new color design, to make it look both, contemporary and fresh.

The glider is in full production and orders are welcome.

The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved.

Allegra Technical Data
Size X-Small Small Medium Large
Cells (32x3)+4 (33x3)+4 (35x3)+4 (37x3)+4
Area m2 26.20 27.20 29.10 31.00
Area (projected) m2 23.30 24.50 25.80 27.50
Span (incl. Stabiliser) m 11.65 11.98 12.65 13.32
Span (projected) m 9.50 10.20 10.50 11.00
Aspect Ratio 5.20 5.30 5.50 5.70
Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.90 4.20 4.30 4.40
Pilot Weight, Kg (all up) 60 - 75 73 - 90 85 - 105 100 - 120
Weight of Canopy Kg 6.7 7.0 7.4 7.6
Root Cord m 2.9 2.9 2.9 2.9
Tip Cord m 0.59 0.59 0.59 0.59
Length of Lines on B m 7.19 7.19 7.59 7.96
Total length of line used m 370 370 384 402
Allegra Performance Data
V-min. 21 km/h
V-trim 35 km/h
V-max. 46 km/h
Min Sink ( at optimum wing loading) 1.0m/s
Allegra Colour Options
  Colour Bottom Surface Top Surface
  Yellow Allegra Bottom Surface - Yellow Allegra Top Surface - Yellow
  Red Allegra Bottom Surface - Red Allegra Top Surface - Red
  Turquoise Allegra Bottom Surface - Blue Allegra Top Surface - Blue
  Violet Allegra Bottom Surface - Violet Allegra Top Surface - Violet
Allegra Certification
XS Standard No
S Standard Class 1-2 (Trim & Accelerated)
M Standard Class 1-2 (Trim & Accelerated)
L Standard Class 1-2 (Trim & Accelerated)
Allegra Construction/Materials
Lines Material Diameter Strength
Top Dyneema 0.8mm 90kg
Mid Super Aramid 1.1mm 80kg
Lower Super Aramid 1.7mm 150kg
Central Lower Super Aramid 2.2mm 220kg
Brake Cascades Dyneema 1.1mm 90kg
Steering Line Polyester 2.2mm 90kg
Sail Cloth 46gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib Reinforcement 180gr/m2 Mylar (Trilam)
Warranty 3 Years / 250 hours