May 2015



NEW - Brake handle magnet casing:

In continuous desire to improve our products, we constantly work on design and performance, but do not neglect the small details either.
From now on, our traditional arrangement for magnet placement on brake handles and risers of paraglider replaced by a new design where special plastic casing keeps the magnet in place.
The magnet surface in this casing is exposed, creating much stronger magnetic force, which in turn firmly secures the brake handles etc. in place

The casing interlocks securely eliminating the possibility of accidental sliding between 2 magnets.

Recent deliveries of wings, already incorporates the new arrangement. Many of you already noticed the new arrangement and appreciate its advantages.
On the new Lift EZ and most other wings this is already standard. - the feedback is excellent.

Small details - big difference!!

The new magnet casing will be incorporated into our complete range over the next few months. (It will not affect the price)

Line service: On-Line Shop

The new section of the online shop was created to assist in purchasing replacement lines for our favorite toys (wings)!
The shop will help every pilot find exactly the lines he needs fast and easily.
It offers fair prices and quick response time for your replacement lines.
We at Apco are proud to be the first company to offer such a service.
Our philosophy is to always stand behind our product and excel in service.
We believe it will promote the safety of our sport by making replacement lines much more accessible and easy to obtain.

The selection of the lines is done directly on the line map by pointing/clicking the courser (arrow) on the line you need, simplifying the process to the absolute minimum.

When using Apco wings you can be certain you will always have the necessary back up and technical support.


The Line shop is a service to you first and then to your customers.

Please make sure you continue to support your customers with any technical need they may have.

If you are logged in to our line shop as a dealer, an option exists to have the lines shipped to you together with your pending order.

In this case, please complete the order including payment and choose the "Add to my next shipment" shipping option!

International Paramotor Meeting Blois:
19.-21.06.2015 France

The new "Mondial Air Paramotor" international event will be held in Blois, France from 19-21 June 2015.

We plan to be there and invite any one and every one to join us at the APCO FRANCE - SARL PASSION'AILES Stand.

We will be available for questions and look forward to feedback from all pilots and dealers.

We encourage you to come and bring your Apco wings to fly and show international presence!


The harness is out and is proving to be a great success.
In order to insure optimal harness assembly on all different frames, we produced a short video with assembly guidelines.
We hope this will help you connect your new harness to the frame correctly. The video will provide necessary assistance, avoiding mistakes, making the harness function properly, to be safe, secure and comfortable.


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